Fighting For Remixing

This remix video intends to encourage people to fight for their rights to remix.

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7 Responses to Fighting For Remixing

  1. djcoats says:

    Luting, I really like how you included the “charlie bit me” video. This shows how productions that were created solely for self-amusement can become viral and have their own remixes. YouTube has probably made a ton of money from ads associated with that original video and now from all the remixes its spawned. Overall you included a nice variety of remixed videos, showing how they can be innocent like the Lion King one, or encourage political action, like in the “Greed Kills” protest video.

  2. Good job, Luting! You know, Doug’s comment has kind of got me thinking about the controversy about remixes. He’s absolutely right, YouTube advertises on many of their uploaded videos, and in the case of a remix, that means that the site is effectively monetizing content originally produced by a media studio and then remixed for free by a user. This has me wondering where the remix conflict lies. Are media organizations concerned about users remixing for fun, or the fact that content hosting sites are in turn able to profit on content they received for free, but which required the investments of media company’s to originally produce. I can certainly see what that would be frustrating for the original content producers… Hmm…

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  4. sanambhaila says:

    I think your video can be related to what Suzet was talking about during her presentation in our last meeting in the class. It is so confusing, and kind of everywhere and hard to govern. Your video gives that feeling of messiness that exists in this issue of remix, especially when you portion that talk about the copyright. I should say, even though it was a short video, it talks a lot about what the remix is all about and how good it is in throwing/presenting an idea to a viewer…and your video did just that…showing the good side of the remix as well the problems that people have with it (copyright issue)…

  5. Luting, I like your ideas that remix is about creativity and that it is not pirating at all. The three videos I watched for this week are almost all for remix. I am also a supporter of it. What remix does is more than just piling things up-that might be pirating. It is reorganizing raw materials creatively. It’s just what most people do when they make original works such as painting, making music, writing essays etc.
    Besides, human beings tend to converge in regard to creative ideas. That’s why despite of geographical distance, the western and eastern people still invent almost the same things: wheels, candles, etc. Therefore, one thing is always built on another and there is nothing wrong with remix to use raw materials from other videos, words, pictures and music.

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